Friday, July 13, 2012

What we do

So here are some random pictures of things we have done in the last several months:

We grew some peppers. They were labeled as green bell peppers and yellow bell peppers, but they grew into green anahiem peppers lol. It's all good they went really well in our pico...yum

Sofia is tall enough to reach the pedals on this awesome bike that we have had for 10 years. She is the only one of my kids to have long enough legs to reach them before they were 4. Shes only 2 1/2.

Carter graduated from Miss Becky's Little Learners Preschool! So proud of my little man

We wore matching shirts in Disneyland and got so many compliments cuz they were awesome ;-)

Jeff took the girls to the Daddy Daughter Dance at the school. Don't they look cute in there matching outfits? And I got to go and help out so I didn't miss out on any of the cuteness.

So, there you have it...random pics.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July

We had an awesome holiday :) We started the day with a drive up Butterfield Canyon. It is amazingly beautiful, one day when I am a better biker I will have to ride up it on the bike. But that is far far in  the future lol.

 These two were having so much fun on the drive, it was cracking me up just listening to their stories and games. And of course Sofia has to cheese it up when ever there is a camera around! Silly girl.
 We ended up at Stansburry Island to see the Great Salt Lake up close. It's salty, and pink. The beach is completely crusted in salt at this spot and we could see the little brine shrimp swimming around, and of course the brine flies. The kids had fun sampling the salt (I know that is really really gross, but they did it before I noticed what they were doing.)
 As we walked on the beach our feet would break through the crusted salt into little pools of water. Luckily no one got too wet, although Carter had a couple of close calls with the lake.

 Playing in the salt and sand. The plants all around the lake were crusted in salt, making beautiful little crystal statues.

 Then home for a bath and a BBQ. I really really like hot dogs, I know whats in them and yet I still love 'em...go figure.

Then over to the neighbors to play and watch fireworks. Jeff got a ton of free fireworks from work, including some great ariels. As we were lighting the big ones off the fire marshal drove by...right next to them as they started to go off...oops :) We had an awesome 4th of July! Hope you all did too!!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pizza and Running...Seriously?!?!

Jeff called yesterday with a great dinner idea...homemade pizza. Yummy :) He even offered to make it for us, even better!! I did make the dough up before he came home just to speed things up (I am not known for my patience when it comes to waiting for food..think "little shop of horrors" Feed me!) It turned out awesome, cuz Jeff has major pizza skills.

Then he had the extra awesome idea to go running. To be perfectly honest the running was my idea ..for him. I thought he should go running, and he thought I should go with him. He won, I went with him, and it was hard lol. I feel I should mention that I did Zumba for over an hour yesterday morning, which is why I didn't want to run. Plus running after pizza is not my idea of a good time! But I am glad we did it seeing as we have a mud run in 2 weeks and we want to be awesome for that (hehehe).

So here is a weekly recap on the triathlon training:
Running: 9 miles
Bike: 10 (hope to go 9 more tonight)
Swim: not this week, I had to work
Zumba: 70 minutes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fun Monday

We had such a fun and busy Monday! I had a dentist appt first thing in the morning so the kids had to come with me, but it was quick. When we were done we decided we wanted to go to 7 Peaks for some water fun :) I was unsure of how well this was going to work without Jeff, but we did great.

Check out those cute water babies :) And try to ignore the butt in the background lol!!

I don't think I have mastered the "take your own picture" technique yet. Guess I will have to work on that some more. We were eating lunch under some shaddy trees and Sofia was LOVING the bologna!

Sofia fell asleep sitting upright with her lifejacket on sitting at the bottom of the waterslides waiting for the big girls. A lady walking by tapped my shoulder and told me that she was asleep sitting up, I hadn't noticed LOL. What a sweetie pie, so I held her and watched Cater and the girls play for a little while longer. Then we had to go home because my arms were falling asleep.

Then we got cleaned up and the girls got to go to Volleyball camp. They were so excited, this is the first camp we have ever done. They did great, and had such a good time. Syd even ended up with a battle wound that she is very very proud of. She sprained her pinky finger. I was going to tape it up on my own but she was so swollen that I wanted an x-ray just to be sure we hadn't broken it. She's one tough cookie, she can't wait to go back to camp Tuesday.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sunday

I love Sundays, especially now that we have 9am church for the first time in about 8 years. I know you think I am crazy. However, some of my children are early risers so I don't get to sleep in anyway, and early church gives me time for a nap in the afternoon while Jeff plays video games with the kids. I will take a nap over sleeping in anyday!!

 We made yummy chocolate dipped strawberries today :) love chocolate dipped fruit of any kind!

 Drank me bunches of Diet Dr Pepper. I would probably lose weight if I ditched the chocolate dipped fruit and the diet soda, but I'm not sure life would be worth living. *sigh* Anyone else have an addiction like that??

 My big girls. Squid couldn't stop eating the strawberries long enough for a picture haha she takes after me like that. I think I'm going to put B in Volleyball camp this week. The fact that my kids are old enough for sports camps makes me feel old!

These two have new names today. This is daddy spy and baby spy, and in case you are wondering, they are very extremly strong and amazing. They took a map downstairs to take them through "dangerous worlds full of evil boobytraps and scary badguys." (according to CJ) Don't worry they made it out allright, they even managed to save the princess and get the treasure (which looked an awful lot like chocolate covered strawberries).

Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 weeks to go!!

8 weeks from today I will be doing the TRIATHAMOM triathlon!

I have such a fun group of ladies to train with, which makes heading out to do a big workout so much easier than if I'm going on my own. Today we decided to do a full brick workout. We swam for 30 min, I went about 1000yards, biked 8.6 miles and ran for right around 35 min, I ran 2.25 miles. Ok I ran walked 2.25 miles (lots of walking). I am a super slow runner right now, but I don't let that bother me I try and remember that I am faster today than I was 6 weeks ago. I just keep in mind that I once ran a 5k in 32 min, and if I did it once I can do it again.

I also got some great coaching on my stroke today. A masters class was going on and Becky (the coach) was super nice about giving some advice even though we didn't technically sign up for her class. I ended up swimming my last 100 meters way faster and easier than the first 900. Where has Becky been all my life?!? The woman had great advice, unfortunatly now that I know about her I will have to make an effort to get my butt out of bed to make it to her 6am class sometime during the week. I feel like I could learn so much from her and really improve my form. YAY! That makes me really happy :) Now if I only had Lisa up here to motivate me to run faster.

My super awesome sister sent me a text yesterday telling me that she killed my 3 mile run time by a lot. How did she do it you ask? Well she simply pictured me running beside her and then thought about kicking my butt! :) Love that girl!! So today I pictured myself running with her...and getting my butt kicked LOL!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We went to Disneyland! It was awesome, I'm just like a little kid when it comes to this place :)

 Our new favorite Disneyland spot. Its in California Adventure there are rope swings and a huge rope bridge and trail area. The kids loved it, they would have stayed for hours but we were trying to get over to our spot to see World of Color so we couldn't stay too long. Abbi says we have to go back just to spend more time there.
 Hanging out with Pluto. We saw a lot of random characters this time, like Gepetto and Pinoccio and Jake from the Neverland Pirates (who loved the fact that all my kids had some sort of skulls on their shirts). We figured out thats because they want you to spend money on Character dining to see lots of the good characters. We did get to see a few princesses, but next time we go we will invest in some character dining so we can see them all without waiting for hours in line :)
 Abbi and Syd trying to pull the sword from the stone. I love Fantasyland! Sydney made me run her through the crowds to get that hat. We were waiting for a parade and she decided that she needed it right then and there. She is very single minded like that lol. So we raced through the streets of Disneyland to get the hats and be back in time for the parade. I am happy to say we made it!
 The kids were thrilled to see Stitch. Sofia is out of camera view sleeping in her stroller...that kid can sleep through anything. She even fell asleep one night in the middle of Pirates of the Carribean. We probably kept her up too late and running too long lol. Good thing she and Carter are such good kids (and the big girls too of course), we didn't have a single temper tantrum the whole trip even though we missed naps and ran hard all day long.
 Mickeys Fun Wheel looks awesome all lit up, good thing too because it was all we had to look at while we waited for World of Color to start. I almost left because the crowd and wait were killing me, but Jeff assured me it would be worth it...and it TOTALLY was :0) It was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen.
We were so lucky to be able to go to Disneyland this spring. We have been saving our pennies forever :) It was Sofia and Carters first time, they were so excited. Heck, I was so excited! And now in every prayer she gives Sofia prays to "please let us save more monies in our pockets so we can go back to Disneyland"